Help Pew be Pew with this future scenario survey

I was asked to fill out a Predictions Survey by the Pew folks. In it, they describe the modern-day status quo of technology and ask for predictions on where these technologies are going and how society uses them. At the end, they ask if anyone has friends or colleagues whose input might be useful. My input was along the lines of “I don’t even agree with your status quo statements” so I figure it might be useful for them to get other opinions. The link to the survey is and you have to use the pin 9000 to log in to it.

4 thoughts on “Help Pew be Pew with this future scenario survey

  1. wow, what an icky future they’ve cooked up for us–and what a skewed view they have of where we are at present!

  2. And yet, still no flying cars predicted.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I had good fun ranting at their assumptions.

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