bibliocide made simpler at Seattle’s new library

The Stranger is a local indie paper in Seattle that has never been particularly fond of Seattle’s new library. I found their latest article “Killer Library” subtitled “The New Central Library Offers Civic Validation, a Huge Collection of Material, and a Staggering Number of Startling New Ways to Die” totally hilarious. It’s a mix of genuine design flaws (up escalator only? really?) with just quirky architectural decision (of course people call that little platform over the huge atrium area Lover’s Leap, have you lived through a Seattle winter?). I like how their platonic library patron is exactly my age. update: amusingly, everything old is new again and this article is from a while ago. I still enjoy it. [thanks megan]

2 thoughts on “bibliocide made simpler at Seattle’s new library

  1. Hi Jessamyn – Just wanted to point out that “Killer Library” is an old article – originally published in the June 1–16, 2004 issue, shortly after the new library opened. I only know because I’ve been sending links to the article since then to everyone who praises that horror of a library.

    From a former Seattle area resident (who misses The Stranger), now a librarian in Texas.

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