MLK library in DC when it was new

I’ve shown you my sad set of MLK’s Library photos from when I went to DC. My friend Mary Early has found an older, niftier looking set of photos of the same library back when it was new and lovely and full of hope and promise. I wish the Save DC Libraries site looked like it was still alive. The DC Friends site is still kicking, albeit with bad news and the DC Public Library Foundation looks like they spent all their money on web design. Meanwhile DC Public hires teens to shelve books and answer phones which seems like a real good news/bad news situation in a library dealing with massive underfunding and understaffing.

2 thoughts on “MLK library in DC when it was new

  1. I stopped into the MLK Library quite a few times when I was at ALA last year, and the impression I got (and perhaps this is sad enough) is that they were doing a lot with very little – much as many inner urban libraries.

    The grand open space on the first floor struck me as odd – I am sure it is conceived as a meeting place (there was a grad piano in that area), but it seems to be not very convenient!

  2. I have tried all I could to get in contact the Save DC Libraries people and got nothing.
    Regarding your photos, you should have stopped in the children’s room. It’s the best room in the library!

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