New (YPL) favorite blog

Not super fleshed out, but how cool is it that one of our venerable library institutions has a blog outlining some of the new things they’re trying and evaluating what they’ve already been doing? Please subscribe, right now please, to [thanks pk!]

4 thoughts on “New (YPL) favorite blog

  1. Not bad!

    Since they’re so close, I visit NYPL every so often, and I like the place so much that I even interviewed for a position there, which went really well before they decided *out of nowhere* that they wouldn’t be hiring anyone at all.

    Job hunting experiences aside, what an awesome institution! The Humanities branch down town (with the lions out front, of course) in particular, is just amazing.

    I’m subscribing, mainly just to see what their digital arm is up to.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Jessamyn! Bear with us through the start-up phase, and we’ll definitely put a lot more meat on the Labs skeleton soon. Transparency’s hard work, and we’re learning as we go.

    And Vin, sorry to hear about the hiring experience; keep an eye out, ’cause we’re all hoping that the hiring freeze is about to thaw…

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