is rocking wordpress 2.3

Hi. I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 today because I just noticed a bug in the tagging plug-in I was using which means that any time I approved a comment for a particular post, the tags associated with that post vanished. Pretty weird huh? WordPress 2.3 has native tag support which means no more wonky plugin/WP interactions. It also has — hidden in the manage > import > section — a tag importer that will either import your tags from popular tag plugins or import your categories as tags. This is all good news. I managed to do the entire thing in about 20 minutes including adding tags to my current template, adding the tag cloud, downloading new versions of a few other plug-ins, and re-doing the little hacks I always make to my WordPress install including a custom stylesheet, removal of all the extra cruft from the dashboard, and pulling in a feed of the “addme” tag into my now blank dashboard area. Here are a few links that were helpful to me in doing this upgrade

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  1. Hi Jessamyn,
    I always read your blog, and I have it feeding to my netvibes, but nonetheless, I’ve never posted.

    Anyway, I just want to see if I read this correctly:

    “…and pulling in a feed of the “addme” tag into my now blank dashboard area.”

    Are you saying that you are viewing an RSS feed of in your WordPress dashboard?

    (I’m running a WordPress blog too: )

  2. Hi Vin,

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. You can see what it looks like in an older screenshot I took a few upgrades ago. I can’t remember if I used feed2js to build this or just took it from directly.

  3. Wow… synchronicitah! I was just blogging about being afraid to upgrade yesterday. Previous upgrades haven’t made me as nervous as this one… not that I am not psyched but I know I’ll need to tweak my tag cloud. Thank you so much for this post (enthusiasm and vote of confidence for 2.3) and for the helpful links. We’ve got rain today so it’s a good time to try this out…. wish me luck. :)

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