Hi. Three notes from the keynote speak. Omar from BlackPlanet gave the talk before the “Life Post CIPA” panel discussion. He had several very good points that I wanted to write down before I forgot them. His basic premise [which will be online sometime in the next three weeks according to Carla Hayden] is that CIPA’s legacy is less relevant than librarians working to reduce NOT the digital divide, but what he sees as the literacy divide — people using the Internet as passive consumers rather than as creators. This creation of content was not as possible with TV for example, as it is for the Internet. Or, as he put it, people who are failing to use the Internet because of dispossession, not disposition. The line that I took away from it was “The future of libraries is helping everyone think like a librarian” that is, being critical thinkers and appraisers of information. I’m not sure I totally agree — he did dodge the “what do we do NOW” issue — since I see many more hurdles to this sort of access, but it’s an appealing perspective.

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