jobs I would want if I were looking for a job

I’d like to see some sort of Librarian Dream Jobs blog that had all these funky jobs like this one: “Poster Archivist. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented professional to oversee the cataloging, preservation, and management of its unique domestic and international political poster collection.”

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  1. Rob Sieczkiewicz
    05Apr07 at 8:44

    I held that job for 18 months, and it was indeed a dream job in many ways. It’s an incredible collection and Carol Wells, the Center’s director, is an inspiration. It was endlessly fascinating to work with those colorful, provocative, magnificent posters all day long. If you ever have a chance to catch one of their exhibitions (mostly in Calif., but they do travel), don’t miss it.

  2. kate
    05Apr07 at 8:55

    Or how about this one?

    Social networking at one of the greatest independent radio stations in the country!

  3. 06Apr07 at 1:39

    I had thought about starting a site to aggregate entry-level librarian jobs across the country. But this sounds a lot more fun.

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