five non-library blogs I read all the time

For the purposes of this exercise I’m not going to wait until I’m tagged and I won’t tag anyone else. I also won’t include blogs I work on, or blogs of really close friends since I think the reasons I might like a friend’s blog might not interest you, or anyone else. I’m also skipping feeds that aren’t really blogs, though I think certain tag feeds on Flickr are more fascinating than almost anything else. I’m just peeking around my RSS feeds. This is what I’ve got for you.

  • This is Broken — a great blog where readers send in examples of bad user experience. Can be a bad web page, or a bad doorknob, or a bad instruction.
  • Copyfight – the most recent post on the OK Go phenomenon will easily show why I like this. It’s a blog about laws and rights and intellectual property and copyright why they matter and are worth fighting for and about.
  • – Rafe is an early blogger who I’ve just sort of known in a blogger sense since forever. When I had an extra Flickr pro account, I sent it to him yet I still don’t know him and we’re just barely in the friends of friends category though I’m sure I’d stop by and say hi if I was in his neighborhood.
  • randomwalks – this blog has, at times, had friends of mine writing for it but I’m not sure of the cause/effect deal there. RW talks about a lot of things that interest me and it’s nice to look at.
  • Joho the Blog – I know David Weinberger from around — met him at the DNC in fact — but it would be a stretch to call him a library blogger. He cares about taxonomy and the tools that all the kids today are using and he uses the tools while commenting thoughfully about them.