Baghdad Day to Day: Librarian’s Journal

The New York Times discusses the day to day activities of Saad Eskander, the director of Iraq’s National Library and Archive in Baghdad, as detailed on his blog at the British Library.

In mid-January, he published a chart on the impact of sectarian violence on his staff for just the month of December. It included 4 assassinations of employees and 2 kidnappings, 66 murders of staff members’ relatives, 58 death threats and 51 displacements.

The newest entries, posted on Thursday, take readers through Wednesday, Jan. 31. Dr. Eskander writes that the week started off quietly: Most of the staff couldn’t get to work because of blockades and military checkpoints.

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    We have now posted Dr Eskander’s journal entries for 1-14 February to the British Library website. Dr Eskander’s diary erntry for 8 February is particularly disturbing – a reminder to us of the dreadful situation our professional colleagues in Baghdad are experiencing as they do their jobs.

    Best wishes
    Andy Stephens, Secretary to the British Library Board

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