12 thoughts on “A library defiled

  1. Did you notice the debate in the comments about whether or not the singer is “thick”? *rolls eyes*

  2. I’ve never heard this song before today, but apparently it’s a big hit(?). It sounds like gay dance club music (nothing against gay dance club music). It just doesn’t do anything for me, even with the video set in a library.

  3. Rowwwr, did you see that card catalog?!! Great video, and I actually liked the song already.

    Next time management makes an annoying decision at work I’m going to start dancing on the circ desk and throwing hold slips around like confetti. Every library needs to break into song and dance now and then.


  4. Does anyone know what library this was filmed in?

  5. There were loose card catalogue cards in one of tonight’s episodes of Beauty and the Geek, too. Who still has a card catalogue?

  6. This reminds me of my favorite scene in my favorite movie Party Girl. Mary (Parker Posey) is learning how to shelve and dances across a huge library table and then rolls around on a library cart. I wish my library was big enough to do this in. I also wish that my library cart would not fall to pieces if I did do it! The BEST library movie–EVER!

  7. As a cataloger, I’m appalled by the singer’s utter disregard for the Library of Congress card filing rules. Yet there’s a certain part of me that just can’t stay mad at her…

  8. Who still has card catalogs?

    Many small, special libraries still have card catalogs. When I interned at the staff library in the Nat’l Aquarium in Baltimore, they still used a card catalog.

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