5 comments for “where does the money go, NYPL?

  1. 20Nov06 at 3:20

    oh my! for shame shame shame! a few of my friends, new grads, have landed jobs at NYPL recently. they have sacrificed a lot (after just sacrificing to attend grad school!) to live in NYC on low wages to pursue dreams of working at such a place of honor. when I think about how much it costs to live in NYC, and all these enthusiastic young librarians struggling to do what they love and provide good service. $800,000???? I can’t believe it…

  2. Library Girl
    21Nov06 at 8:50

    I went through an extremely frustrating interview process w/ NYPL for an entry level librarian position. Not only did the extremely rude HR woman have no patience when I expressed my concerns of being placed in a branch near Harlem, but their starting salary of $35K was laughable. Deduct the mandatory union dues, retirement fund, city, state & federal taxes, and you are left w/ a lifestyle of a college student…after having forked over how many thousands to obtain that MLIS?!

  3. Stephanie Chase
    27Nov06 at 9:44

    And, hence, why NYPL has absolutely atrocious turnover and unhappy staff members that go out for drinks every pay day.

    When I was working at NYPL, had I been single, I would have been able to qualify for low-income housing in the city. It’s sad to see that hasn’t changed.

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