Wikipedia is wise to your antics

In the most recent Dispatches from a Public Librarian, Scott Douglas asks readers to “invent my life” on Wikipedia. By the time I checked out the Wikipedia article, which was not even linked from his essay, it had already been protected which is Wikilanguage for “we’re stopping you from editing this page until you monkeys quit messing with it.” A quick inspection of the page’s history, ah transparency, shows that the page was created by someone named Roboscott (which matches his email address) about two weeks ago and had a flurry of editing yesterday, the day the essay was published, culminating in it being protected about 24 hours ago.

One thought on “Wikipedia is wise to your antics

  1. Let’s not forget that the page was stop from editing because of “McSweeney’s Idocy.” It could have been a great entry…darn you Wiki!

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