9 comments for “YouTube librarians, from 1987!

  1. Sarah Mae
    06Oct06 at 12:16

    More proof that librarians are innovators. We were on YouTube before it even existed :-)

  2. Heather
    06Oct06 at 7:45

    That is hilarious. You made my morning! :)

  3. 06Oct06 at 12:45

    ROTFOTLL(AE!) (rolling on the floor of the library laughing (and exercising!)

  4. Debi
    07Oct06 at 2:00

    No, during the COM CAT spin you’re hearing Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”. But Devo rules too.

  5. 08Oct06 at 4:49

    Good! That is hilarious…

  6. ElizabethP
    11Oct06 at 1:18

    Devo’s “Whip It” is right at the end of the tape. Thanks for sharing this link, great laugh!

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