8 thoughts on “you can be sexy *and* a librarian this halloween

  1. But I am sexy and a librarian every Halloween. Every day for that matter!

    But I don’t usually dress like that…

  2. How is she naughty? Does wearing a cape make you naughty? Or is she using LC in a public library? That would be naughty.

    I guess it’ll be another year of carrying around a fake ear and telling everyone I’m Mr. Blonde.

  3. I like how she’s shushing. Because you look and think, “Is she a hooker? No, wait, she’s shushing me–she must be a librarian!”

  4. I just wish they offered a male version of this costume for us guy librarians.

  5. I hate to say it, but I said to myself “Now if that was a little longer and made out of non-plastic, it would be a cute skirt!”

    I think I need chocolate or something. I am obviously not doing well today.

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  7. Is the cleavage included? THAT might be worth the $59.99…

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