another wordpress update

I seem to have found a comment form that works; thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions. I have also used a slightly modified version of the sociable plugin to add tiny links beneath each post so that you can socially bookmark any of them via, digg or co.mments. Sociable supports a lot of social bookmarking services, but in the interests of keeping the icon-noise level down, I started with the three that I use. Are there other sites that are listed on the Sociable page that you use often? As always, you can track when I’m using for my WordPress install on the wordpress mods page.

2 comments for “another wordpress update

  1. 02Sep06 at 12:38

    I use ma.gnolia more often than I do I love using groups. But to make sure I don’t lose anything I use onlywire to bookmark everything in every service with which I have an account. Just in case.

  2. 05Sep06 at 6:17

    Poor Spurl gets no love – I think I am the only person on Earth who uses it.

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