good news in Oklahoma, for now

State bill HB 2158 did not go to the state Senate. It passed in the House and the Senate did decide to hold a hearing on it. This is the bill to deny state funding to libraries that did not comply with a directive to restrict access to books with sexually explicit passages and homosexual themes to “adults only”. More information about Oklahoma libraries can be found on the librarystories blog and more generally at the Oklahoma Library Association website. Also, check out all these other Oklahoma library blogs (taken from the librarystories’ sidebar).

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4 thoughts on “good news in Oklahoma, for now

  1. Hey Adri:

    You might want to remove ADVENTURES OF A CURIOUS MIND from your sidebar, it’s no longer active. My boss wasn’t a fan.

    Thanks, Beth

  2. Oops, sorry, clicked on the wrong blog to comment! Please excuse me. : ^)

  3. I just ran across you in my referrer logs, Jess. Thank you for linking to my blog, such as it is.

    I thought you should know that Oklahoma’s not out of the woods yet. The legislators responsible for HB2158 still have some fight left in them, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the bill come back in some other form.

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