presentations without powerpoint, how I do it

I give many of my talks using a very basic HTML template that creates the illusion of slides. It has a few advantages

  • it’s free
  • it works on any browser and any OS
  • my talks take up very little space, file-size-wise
  • I’m not using someone else’s proprietary software or the same old clip art you’ve seen a million times before
  • talks are available in the same format online and off
  • easy print option with extra space for hidden notes [new!]

There are a few downsides as well

  • it’s not totally standards compliant. If you need total compliance, use S5, it’s great.
  • you do need to know a little HTML to make it work for you
  • Since you’re not using PowerPoint, you may tend towards wordiness.

People have been asking about it, so I’ve decided to make a blank presentation with all the stylesheets and whatnot, available for downloading. It’s just a basic HTML page, two stylesheets, a sample image or two, and a styleswitcher. Try it out, tweak it, let me know what you think.