web tools enhance library web sites

Aaron details more on what he is doing with Flickr at his library. Since part of my job over my last six weeks at the library is to make the web site maintainable by other staff, I’ve been looking for ways of simplifying and streamlining web updating processes. I installed WordPress so even though my library doesn’t have a blog yet — we’re still getting staff on email, everything in due time — they do have a simple web interface for editing and uploading new content. Flickr will automatically crop photos to 75×75, among other sizes, so I built that size image into our home page. Flickr gives people easy URLs for uploaded images and has even simpler ways of showing revolving images on a non-blog site via a badge system they concocted. Did I mention that it’s free for basic users? I don’t own Flickr stock or anything, I’m just always really happy to see clean usable tools that are feature-rich enough for me and yet easy enough to use and understand for my Mom or the folks from work.