Hi. So I’ve decided I’m a bit miffed at the New York Times for using part of my Technically Legal Signs page without asking for permission and without proper citation. Is it asinine to get hung up on proper citation? I have written to the Times and to the original author, and have yet to hear back. I will keep you posted. Also, I am aware that the Slow-Mo Library Crawl is somewhat stagnant. I will be working on that.

this is going to go so wrong…

So, Gale is going to offer a “feature” of allowing Google Images searching directly from their database search interface. I have mixed feelings about this. Google Images already accounts for a huge amount of the traffic coming to and from my site [cached images on Google being lifted independently from the pages they were on]. These images then tend to wind up on other people’s web pages, even further removed from context. To avoid the Google Images link from turning up anything raunchy, the “Safe Search” setting will be used. This, of course, blocks non-mature content inadvertently as well. There is no alternative, it’s “Safe Search” or no Google Images search at all.