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access to reading lists in prison libraries

There’s an interesting little article in the New York Times today about whether the prison reading list of a prisoner can be used against them in a trial. The case involves a 2007 home invasion and murder in Connecticut. The … Continue reading

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Colorado woman gets 36 years for role in death of Greenwich librarians

Just a small heads up in case you missed it. The woman who was responsible for the deaths of the two Connecticut librarians, Kate McClelland and Kathy Krasniewicz, on their way home from ALA in Colorado has received a sentence … Continue reading

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man using library wifi after hours gets laptop confiscated

This story about a guy being busted for using public wifi is making the rounds and, like the recent scrotum story, has a lot of possible ways of interpreting events. Short story: guy gets busted for using public library wifi … Continue reading

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blog: crime in the library

I’m not sure how I missed this for the whole time it’s been up, but the Crime in the Library blog is the sort of thing that RSS readers were made for. My only wish is that they had categories … Continue reading

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libraries as prime places to steal books for resale

At my library we have been considering raising the limit on the number of DVDs/videos a patron may check out at once. Currently the limit is four. There is no book limit. One of the reasons we were concerned about … Continue reading

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