Month: December 2003


Hi. I did a little email interview for BUST Magazine that will be coming out sometime soonish. Please come and see me at ALA in a few weeks if you’re going to be in San Diego. In the meantime, please…

want fries with that?

How far should libraries go to accomodate patrons who are “leaving text behind” Should we be spending 20% of our acquisitions budget on DVDs? Some very interesting numbers at the end of this article. [thanks tammi]

how far we’ve come

Pennsylvania was the state that had the first lending library in the US and now its public library system ranks 40th in the nation… and this is an improvement over a few years ago, apparently. [thanks stessa]

the image thing

Laura Bush the First Lady & former librarian trails way behind Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and current US Senator, in the recent most admired women poll.

water water everywhere

If it’s a slow work week, go check out the long article over at Library Juice entitled “A Librarian’s Work.” A great view of the profession from way back in the 1870’s.