love letters to your library

anytime I need a book
photo from Contra Costa Library, thanks!

I got an email that ALA’s @yourlibrary site had redesigned and I went over there but found it’s the same old clutter of information. It is possible I’m getting curmudgeonly. I also got an email from former co-Councilor Heidi Dolamore who is working on an advocacy project that I like much more: the Pinole Library valentine campaign. The Pinole Library’s website is here. You can see that the library is open 24 hours a week over four days. They’re starting a campaign to show how much people support the library by having people write notes on these valentines.

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  2. heidi Says:

    thanks jessamyn! i’m busy taking photos of more valentines this morning. i’ve lost count, but i think we’re getting close to 400. that’s already 2% of pinole residents. the link you provided to our website is through the city of Pinole, the library itself provides this page:

  3. heidi Says:

    we delivered them on tuesday, the public turnout was awesome. here’s video of the city council meeting, from the “jump to” menu select “B Presentations”