Be social with your national library

I just became a fan of the Library of Congress on Facebook. They seem to be using facebook in a prety normal way, highlighting events, adding a few photos. If you want to find other ways to be social with LoC, check out this post on Resource Shelf. I’ve always felt their YouTube channel was pretty nice.

4 Responses to “Be social with your national library”

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  2. Lisa Says:

    I’m a fan, too!
    You may want to double-check your link for the Library of Congress on Facebook…. Cute, but not the right link. :)

  3. jessamyn Says:

    hee, thanks for the heads-up. Fixed!

  4. james Says:

    Whew. Glad to see it was the LoC.
    It makes me nervous to see the words “national” and “social” so close together (WWII and all), but it did get my attention and I bothered to read further so mission accomplished.