Congrats to Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers

Library Journal has put the list of Movers and Shakers online. Well, they have a list of their cutesy taglines, you have to click through to get the names. The page where they list all the Movers & Shakers by state has the names of every Mover and Shaker, though they’re not hyperlinked. Maybe we need to wikify this? I have included the list here. Can you guess any of the names? Life is too short, I copied the names over as well. update: Librarian by Day has gone a step further and linked to their blogs too, if available. Congrats to all of you.

19 Responses to “Congrats to Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers”

  1. Steve Says:

    Thank you, Jessamyn, for annotating the list for us!

  2. Congrats to Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers | Library Stuff Says:

    [...] Ditto. I know more M&S peeps from this year than any other. Posted in Movers and Shakers | Trackback | | Top Of Page [...]

  3. Connie Crosby Says:

    Hi Jessamyn:

    Thank you for putting the list together. I agree a wiki would be good for next time–I was working on pretty much the same thing as you over on my blog.

    On a wiki we could add more details about each person, too.


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    [...] Jessamyn’s better list for 2008 [...]

  5. Tim Says:

    Talk about a better mousetrap!

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    [...] Journal’s list of Movers & Shakers is up. I grabbed this list (which includes names) from Jessamyn West’s page. All I did is add a link to the blogs if I could find one. Because we all need more blogs in our [...]

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    [...] to all of the other 2008 Movers and Shakers, including the Lady of the Rebel Yell, Michelle Boule, New Jersey Transformer (more than meets the [...]

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    [...] has a list of all M/S-ers by name. [...]

  9. Darlene Fichter Says:

    Thanks for posting the list this way! Saved me dozens of clicks.

  10. Citegeist » Congratulations to the 2008 Movers & Shakers! Says:

    [...] them all! LJ tends to list the honorees by cute tagline rather than by name; Jessamyn West wrote a post that lists them by name, and Connie Crosby wrote a post that lists them by name and includes a snippet of each article in [...]

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    [...] Library Journal’s navigation makes it impossible to browse the profiles by name, so Jessamyn West sensibly made a version of the list with names. [...]

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    [...] Journal’s 2008 Movers & Shakers! Use Jessamyn’s handy list if you want to see people’s names instead of just the cutesy titles. If you’re bored, [...]

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    [...] to the Library Journal Movers and Shakers of 2008!  (I’m linking to Jessamyn West’s better list which includes names.)  [...]

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    [...] A huge congratulations to Michelle Boule with whom I had a chance to work recently, Stephanie Squicciarini from just up the road in Fairport, NY, and the other Library Journal Movers and Shakers for 2008. [...]

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    [...] Jessamyn for putting all of the names next to the [...]

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    [...] & shaking & teaching librarians Posted on March 17, 2008 by Anne-Marie Library Journal’s list of Movers and Shakers is up for this year, and as usual – I am really excited that two people whose work inspires me almost daily have been [...]

  17. K.R. Says:

    I want to be one! Too bad I don’t, you know, do anything.

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    [...] There are some other great names on that M&S list, which you can find conveniently organized and annotated on Jessamyn West’s blog, [...]

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    [...] LJ’s website is so kabobbled that you’re best off exploring M&S 2008 through Jessamyn’s short list or Connie Crosby’s longer [...]