not so kuddly kindle

Rochelle asks and Amazon answers: is loaning the Kindle (by libraries) a violation of’s terms of service. Answer: yes.

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  1. Unleash the Metadata! » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] been mildly curious about the Kindle, and know some classmates were interested in it, so here (via is a not-very-surprising clarification on legal policies for it: libraries cannot lend it to [...]

  2. rochelle Says:

    Someone left a comment on the post saying that their library got a very different answer from Kindle support, than I did from Kindle support. Hoping that Amazon provides some clarification.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Not surprised by this. From the Steve Jobs bashing to OLPC to the prospect of cloud computing, Kindle sounds like an invention from an alternative timeline (and future Simpsons sight gag).

  4. Dan Kleinman Says:

    Curious. Does it have any real effect? Like shrink wrap licenses that require you to remove the shrink wrap before you could read the license that requires you not to remove the shrink wrap. I don’t think they have any effect. Like those useless paragraphs people add to emails about disregarding and destroying the email if someone is not the intended recipient. So my initial reaction is Amazon cannot tell libraries what to do or not to do with a library’s own property.

  5. genevieve Says:

    Sounds very poorly developed indeed. Surely after all the music industry’s experiences, Amazon would have realised there might be some hassles with shared use.