the future of reading,’s then and now statements

I learned what I know about greasemonkey and an awful lot about accessibility by reading Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility and Dive Into Greasemonkey. He has a blog at DiveIntoMark, of course, which I sometimes read. Today I was directed there by David Weinberger to the post called The Future of Reading. As David points out Mark’s post is not just a cheeky then and now juxtaposition of some of the things Jeff Bezos has said, it’s also “the story of the coming change in norms. And a change in norms rewrites all the stories leading up to it.” How are you feeling about your digital rights, and the content in your libraries?

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  1. Kindle & copyright: Will teens be chaste if you tell them to? « Slow Reading Says:

    [...] Jessamyn West found this by Mark Pilgrim, who pointedly illustrates that the technology and licensing of Amazon’s Kindle is a backward step, throttling the distribution of books. Some may applaud this development. Kindle can enforce copyright, stop circulation dead on the spot. [...]

  2. Baby Got Books » Kindle, Tool of Ingsoc Says:

    [...] Hmm.  Amazon’s Kindle seemed merely ill-conceived at first blush.  The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts) – don’t worry, they’re short – takes a look at some of the potentially sinister implications of the new technology.  Act V is especially worrisome.  (via [...]

  3. Rhonda Murphy Says:

    Hey Jessamyn – So cool to see your name in this weeks Best of the Web by Marylaine Block, referencing your CIO article! Rhonda

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    [...], a funny comparison of Amazon’s shifting statements about books and [...]