Pre-Shelf Life of Library Materials

What happens to your library book before it gets to the shelves? This Flickr photoset can walk you through it. I learned bunches of things. Thanks to the Hatcher Library at the University of Michigan and Alexis for putting it all together.

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  1. Family Man Librarian » Blog Archive » Behind the scenes Says:

    [...] I was excited to read about a Flickr photoset of pictures taken of various areas within technical services at the Hatcher Graduate Library at the University of Michigan.  (Seen via  This photoset provides a lot of insight into how books and other material are received and processed in technical services in a large library.  Having taught a course in technical services librarianship, I am well aware of the utility of this kind of picture collection.  Most of the students who take my course have never worked in technical services and don’t have much of an idea what technical services is.  The class I’ve taught in the past is an online course and one of the biggest drawbacks to an online venue is the inability at times to give students “hands on” experience.  This is particularly the case when teaching  technical services.  In UIUC GSLIS’s online curriculum (LEEP), each class has only one opportunity to meet together in person, called an “on campus day.”  Usually for a portion of that day, I schedule a tour of UIUC’s Main Library technical services operation.  Feedback from students has shown that this firsthand look at technical services is tremendously helpful. [...]

  2. Laura Says:

    Great set, most people don’t realize all of the steps involved processing books.

    Speaking of Flickr sets of libraries, here’s a set about a major shift happening at University of North Texas Health Science Center’s Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library:

  3. Ingrid Says:

    At the Arlington Heights Memorial Library we did a vlog on what is done in technical services. Now, before anyone gets riled up, this gives the flavor, if not exactly how things are actually done – a bit of a spoof really. But we have had responses from technical services people who loved it and from indiviudals teaching technical services who will be using it in their classes to help lightening the mood. So, enjoy…

  4. Walt Lessun Says:

    Just forwarded the link to all the staff at Gogebic Community College. Now, if I can find something similar to photo-document the process of getting a piece of equipment installed in a classroom I’ll squeal with delight. (We are the Library and the Instructional Technology Center — all two of us)

  5. Frank L Says:

    Ah ….. this brings back many fond memories of working in Hatcher. Wow. Very cool. Thanks for posting the link.