read a m-f-ing book

Other ways to get the message out about reading, in case you’re looking for some. Discussion on MetaFilter over whether it’s parody or social statement. Plenty of cussing, so not really safe for most works.

9 Responses to “read a m-f-ing book”

  1. John Miedema Says:

    I thought you meant, “read a meta-filtering book”. Gee, am I naive. Loved the video.

  2. maggie Says:

    OMG! I think I’ll run this w/ the volume blasting at all my orientations this fall!

  3. Kathy Says:

    I f-ing loved it!!!!!

    PS John, that was funny!

  4. Jenn Says:

    I wants to go back home to the Ghetto and blast it out my pimped out Mom mobile for all the thugs I left on the block. Peace Out ~J

  5. leo Says:

    Well, that changed my life.

  6. Bobby Says:

    I think I will go read a book now.

  7. Baby Got Books » And then there’s this… Says:

    [...] I came across this video at There is no context for the video provided on the YouTube page, but apparently it ran on BET. It’s a gangsta rap call for literacy that is in no way work friendly. Let’s be clear, do not listen to this at work without headphones or a closed and solid office door. BGB bears no responsibility for the consequences if you play this at work. [...]

  8. Meg Says:

    So while I admit I loved parts of it, I don’t think I could actually use it. It’s definitely social commentary, and let’s just say that while some people would enjoy it, I’m pretty sure it would get more complaints about racism and classism than praise in a library context. I’d put it in the library collection; I wouldn’t build my ad campaign around it.

  9. G-Book? Ein YouTube-Clip zur, na ja, Leseförderung. at IBI-Weblog Says:

    [...] Vielleicht eignet sich ein solches Video ganz gut, um die aktuell in den deutschen Feuilletons prominenteste Problemzielgruppe für die Bibliotheksnutzung zu begeistern… (via [...]