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thanks for playing

Hi. I've disabled comments here because of encroaching comment spam. I'm pretty sure I'll be rolling any further observations from this wild ride into my regular site at librarian.net. I've laced all my photo albums from the DNC into one big album so if you want to take a look at my view of the convention from end to end, now's your chance. Feel free to get in touch with me via the contact link above if you've got anything more you'd like to say. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and support.

some final thoughts, for this evening

For anyone who is curious, transcripts of all the speeches that we received [no final Sharpton transcript, sadly] are available in this directory including the Kerry and Biden speeches in Spanish, over 100 in all. If I get any later, I'll add them.


day five, day last

Day five photos are up and viewable. The weather is finally icky, and I'm finally on my way home to Vermont. Post-game wrap up on these pages may have to wait a day or two because tomorrow is the Rutland Ethnic Pride Street Fair and I'll be staffing a table for the public library all day long. Bloggers, it was an honor to serve among you, look me up when you come to Vermont.

day four

The day four pictures are up and viewable. It's a total zoo here. It's hot and there's a few free seats up here sometime so all these pushy Democrats with "do you know who I AM?" attitudes are telling all sorts of stories about why they should be sitting here. The Daily Show was by making fun of everyone, then apologizing once the cameras were off. I'm going to be heading somewhere far from here to take in the rest of the speeches [as many of my colleagues have already done] and have some sort of useful wrap up tonight or tomorrow.

self-involved autoerotic narcissism

If you'd like to hear my chippy the chipmunk voice, the Boston Globe's "meet the bloggers" section has a little audioblog snippets of me and some of the others.

meanwhile, outside the Fleet Center

Once again, I'm updating from the library where there were roughly 50 cops parked on the front patio when I arrived. I'll have some photos tomorrow. When I ran into BPL president Bernie Margolis yesterday in the cafe, I asked him what he thought about [what I perceived as] the lack of library-relevant topics coming up at the DNC. As we all know, if an issue isn't going to persuade the swing states, it won't be too visible on the platform. So, we get to hear a lot of talks from generals and "god, war and family" talk, but precious little about eroding civil liberties [Obama was an exception], the USA PATRIOT Act or other nefarious government intrusions into the public sphere. His response was quick and clearly pre-considered...


first public library, yes or no?

You've likely seen those posters in the T if you're at the DNC saying that Boston is first in this, first in that, and had the first public library. I'd always thought the first public library was in New Hampshire. Leave it to another librarian to figure out the truth or at least cite some good sources. [more]


Wyclef Jean just sang his "If I was president" song that I saw on the Chapelle show a few weeks back. The lyrics are below. He was interviewed by Allhiphop.com in May.
AllHipHop.com: What do you think about John Kerry saying he understands hip-hop and the culture?

Wyclef: I mean, I think somebody coached Kerry on what to say, but I hope he can really get inside of the culture and really understand it 'cause it's a deep thing, it would be a great thing if he does understand it.


let's talk about me for a second

Chuck0, fellow radical librarian, interviewed me via AIM from the DNC. You might notice, I say "weird" eight times.

who says there's no grass roots?

An ongoing post about the Grassroots News Conference that I attended this morning.

ActBlue helps people raise money easily for Democratic candidates
DemSwingers have a brilliant gig. Get students who live in a swing state and attend school in a non-swing state to vote absentee at home. Help them register. Help them vote.
Driving Votes gets people to go to swing states and register people to vote. Helps with rides, helps with funding, gets people to the polls.
MMOB Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush connects moms with other moms from swing states and helps register them via personal letter writing campaigns with their Adopt a State program. Also is trying to "brand" voting. Gave me a fancy bracelet.
Running in Heels/Women Against Bush try to get single women interested in the political process by arranging hip fun events and talking to them about why the Dems are the better party for women [health care, privacy issues etc]
Run Against Bush sells t-shirts to runners who then wear them while running around in their communities and in races. They're not even all pro-Kerry but they are anti-Bush.
ReDefeatBush gets hipsters in Metro areas to staff phone banks at nightclubs and hotspots to encourage people in swing states to vote Democrat.
Billionaires for Bush kicked off their swing state tour, bringing their ascerbic "rich people love Bush" theater message to the masses. Very funny, very sharp, very creative. Invite them to your party.

day 3 photos posted

My photos from Day 3 are up and viewable. They're all put out there with a Creative Commons license, so feel free to copy them, just not make money off of them. I'm behind on notes here, and there may be some backlog posting when the speeches finally wrap up. Speaking of the speeches, I'll be archiving the ones that I get, to the extent that I can, and sticking them in this directory as textfiles. Feel free to browse them. I've been using gmail's search capacity to see who is mentioning the USA PATRIOT Act [almost no one], gay marriage [no one] and security issues [a few coded mentions], today is the day when all the military folks speak, so I've been spending a bit more time posting from the library than usual.

obama speech

The first speech I've really heard that got me at all jazzed: Barack Obama's speech. [more]

the map is not the territory

What's it like? It's like Burning Man for Democrats, without the nudity or the drugs. Everyone is walking around grinning like they've just had their first threesome. I can't even imagine what it's going to look like on Thursday, but I am starting to get just a little nervous.

some speechifying

Kennedy's speech is happening now. I've archived a copy of it here. Feel free to read it. It's been a hectic day up in the blogger treehouse. It's fun talking to reporters and meeting all the other bloggers, but then it becomes harder to "get things done." I wind up uploading pictures and doing the bulk of my work at my sister's house in the morning while drinking coffee and wearing my pj's. [more]

dnc day 2

My photos from the second day are up and viewable. I've just gotten my daily credentials across the street from the Boston Public Library ["Why every day?" I asked "For security." they said, end of discussion] and am enjoying fast Wifi while I can. Though they tell us they've added a second access point in the Fleet Center, I remain skeptical. Today I hope to go on the floor, say hello to the Vermont delegation, and maybe check out the alternative festivities happening on Boston Common.

I hope to see the bloggers out there (at BOTH conventions) paying attention to the topics that get ignored by the newshandlers and arrangement specialists, out of a pathetic and trembling fear that something unscripted might happen.
-Orange Mike

-- Rev. Librarians Redux
-- library signs: PATRIOT
-- library signs: CIPA

DNC 7/26-29
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