9 comments for “read a m-f-ing book

  1. 12Jul07 at 6:27

    I thought you meant, “read a meta-filtering book”. Gee, am I naive. Loved the video.

  2. 12Jul07 at 8:02

    OMG! I think I’ll run this w/ the volume blasting at all my orientations this fall!

  3. 13Jul07 at 6:33

    I f-ing loved it!!!!!

    PS John, that was funny!

  4. Jenn
    15Jul07 at 3:09

    I wants to go back home to the Ghetto and blast it out my pimped out Mom mobile for all the thugs I left on the block. Peace Out ~J

  5. leo
    16Jul07 at 1:08

    Well, that changed my life.

  6. Bobby
    16Jul07 at 8:29

    I think I will go read a book now.

  7. Meg
    17Jul07 at 6:43

    So while I admit I loved parts of it, I don’t think I could actually use it. It’s definitely social commentary, and let’s just say that while some people would enjoy it, I’m pretty sure it would get more complaints about racism and classism than praise in a library context. I’d put it in the library collection; I wouldn’t build my ad campaign around it.

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