An Interview with Kurt Vonnegut – Library Journal April 15, 1973

This interview with Kurt Vonnegut appeared in Library Journal almost 34 years ago, it was nice of LJ to put it on their website.

Vonnegut expressed no surprise, however, at the censorship problems some of his books have run into with public schools in parts of Michigan and Ohio. “It’s the same thing every time. They ban something of mine, the ACLU jumps in, loses the case in the lower court, and wins the appeal. After all,” he stresses optimistically, “they can’t win. What they’re doing is unconstitutional.”

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  2. bokinney Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the link to this article. I’ve forwarded it on to my library school colleagues. It’s really amazing how many were touched by him.

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    [...] Thanks especially to Library Journal for putting up the 1973 article from the interview they did with him. And thanks to Jessamyn West at for posting a link to this article. [...]