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and also, a few words about library activism

I was interviewed for a brief segment of a radio show called Been There Done That discussing library activism in the wake of the USA PATRIOT Act, along with Judith Krug. It’s a short bit in an hour-long show, but…

web access now!

Unabashedly Accessible. How I Run My Web Site Good. A few “slides” from my talk about accessible web design from the VT Department of Libraries outreach session today.

my article on salary surveys is up

My article for the ALA-APA newsletter “Rural Library Compensation, The Vermont Initiative ” is available online. Check out the word GOPHER in that URL for the VT Dept of Libraries in the bibliography, sexy!.

rarely do I brag, but….

Hi. I try not to brag too much here, but I think it really is neat that I have my own Google/dmoz category.

bookslut interview

Still reading the Bookslut Interview with me done by Michael Farrely. Just noticed that bookslut and book lust [Nancy Pearl’s book] are anagrams. Maybe I’ll call my memoirs BooKults.