two good links from resource shelf: IFLA & LOC

Two things stuck out from the most recent Resource Shelf posting by Gary Price today

“The Library of Congress has launched a new public Web site to cover the groundbreaking work of a special independent committee. By 2006, this committee will recommend changes to copyright law that recognize the need for exceptions to the law for libraries and archives in the digital age.”

Highlights released IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2005 on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: Libraries, National Security, Freedom of Information Laws and Social Responsibilities. Of note: filtering use on the rise, digital divide still a problem, consequences of war on terror affecting libraries, intelelctual freedom issues still a problem worldwide, including this quote In Turkmenistan it was reported that libraries have been closed under presidential order, on the grounds that ‘no one reads’. Damn. Read more IFLA blogging from the Rambling Librarian