one link from a book

My friend Matthew works in a bookstore and we talk about bookish things often. From my inbox: “So, we just got this silly book in at the store called “The Lazy Person’s Handbook: Shortcuts to Getting Everything You Want with the Least Possible Effort” [link]

Chapter two is “The Short Cut to Arriving at the Right Answer” – it consists of five successive steps (e.g. guess, process of elimination, google it, ask random folk, etc.) – but #5 is Ask a Librarian then they say:

‘When all else fails, turn to the information experts. Today’s librarians are not your parents’ librarians. They are highly trained information specialists, with wide-ranging knowledge of subject areas, information sources, & search tools.'”

I’m not sure if being low on the lazy list is better than being high on the lazy list, but I guess it’s an honor just to be nominated, huh?