come together @ your library

ADHD Librarian takes the meme and runs with it, with a song for the new National Library Week theme based on a familiar tune we all know.

She reading poster
She’s got reading fiction
She’s got int’net access
She got Porno filter
She say “One and one and one is ontology”
Got to be smart thinking ’cause she’s got library degree
Come together right now @ your library

Come Together @ Your Library, just don’t get caught on tape

It’s the joke that writes itself. Here, juxtaposed for your enjoyment, are the Carl Monday blog post about the masturbator in the public library, the one that he caught on videotape and humiliated in the name of investigative journalism. Also, here is the press release about the National Library Week theme: Come Together @ Your Library. I have a poster suggestion here and a racier one here and my final contribution here.