linkdump 10feb – the changing of the blogs

It’s time to transition to the blogs off of my blogroll in order to make room for some new stuff I’ve been reading. Those of you who read this blog online at its URL, you’ll see the new list go up. Everyone else, you can wait a few months until this post comes around again, or check back episodes by looking for the linkdump tag.

a few of my favorite blogs

Meredith reflects on Walt’s biblioblogosphere piece and asks at the end “what other non-top 50 blogs would you recommend?” She’s picked a few that I would have included, so here are a few more from me. I think one or two of these were mentioned in Walt’s survey but maybe bear repeating.

Michael Golrick is a Councilor with me at ALA and he’s been at this library governance thing a lot longer than I have. He’s also a library administrator in Connecticut and a very nice man who has been helpful explaining the vagaries of Council etiquette and politicking to me.

Tales from the Liberry keeps it real and talks about what happened when he was outed as a library blogger at work.

Secret Library. Because poetics and libraries should never be far apart, and because I like orange.

A Librarians Guide to Etiquette frequently makes me laugh.

Feel-good Librarian tells real stories that make us all sound like noble heroes.

What are yours?

linkdump 11jul

Every so often, I purge the lefthand links on this page and replace them. For those of you who don’t visit the web page and read via RSS, here is the list of sites I am retiring. This doesn’t mean anything about the sites themselves, just that I’ve either added them to my RSS reader [or not] and am going to move on and highlight some newer sites I’ve noticed. Enjoy.

A Wandering Eyre
Dan Green/LibraryMonk
eLiterate Librarian
feelgood librarian
fiddling librarian
Inquiring Librarian
IP and Social Justice
Pattern Recognition
Secret Library