hi – 07mar

Hi. If you can read this you’re reading the new RSS feed and all my redirects and handwringing and very polite emails to tech support paid off. My short to do list at this point is to make a larger-print version of this site on the web page, catch up with my backlog of links and move over the static content from the old site. All permalinks are working. All old permalinks are working. All 1000+ posts are here and searchable. Let me know if anything isn’t working for you.

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hi – 04mar

Hi. I am trying out WordPress as a CMS for librarian.net, so you may notice some odd goings-on over the next few days as I shift all non-blog content over. I figured that people still reading the site the old-fashioned way might want something nice to look at, so while I learn the interface, I’m using an edited “theme” which I’m actually pretty fond of. I know the fonts are a little teeny, I’ll be adding a style-switcher so that there is an easy-read version of this site in addition to this one. You will also notice post titles which had previously only been noticed by RSS readers. Here are things you should not notice after this weekend: broken permalinks, broken links generally, or long miserable URLs. Give me a few days to get all the bugs worked out and then please drop me a line if anything is wretched, lost, suprememly ugly, or hard to use.

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my favorite tilded blogger @ the Prelinger Library

One of the high points of ALA Midwinter was meeting Rick Prelinger who I had been swapping email with for a while. He runs one of my favorite quirky archives/libraries in San Francisco. Eli dropped by for a visit this week and discusses what she saw there.

Okay, you should sit down now. Take a few deep breaths. Have a bit of vinegar handy to wave in front of your nose. Ready? There’s no catalog. There’s no call number system of classification. There’s not even rigorously enforced alphabetization of titles (or authors) within sections. It’s deliberate and there’s a philosophy behind it.