searching for tsunami info @ your library

It’s been interesting putting together a list of links for my library news page about the recent disaster. I went to the home pages of BPL, NYPL, MPL, SFPL, LAPL, ALA, ALIA, IFLA and a few others, to see if anyone had put up links on their home pages to disaster relief news and information that I could borrow, the way Yahoo, Amazon, IMDB, Apple and a few others did. Milwaukee Public had a link to a list of charities on another site, the other libraries didn’t have home page links, or didn’t as of this morning. Personally, I got most of my links either directly from blogs I read, Google, or through collaborative community sites like Metafilter and Technorati.

This is not a criticism, just an observation about responsiveness, and possibly scale. In our small library, staff can add a link to the library home page just by going into the blog software we use and editing it. I’m sure at larger libraries with site design either outsourced or done only by specialized staff [who likely have time off this week] home page changes can be slower in coming. I think as librarians we all sort of assume that people read the news someplace other than the library home page. What is our responsibility to be responsive to current events with our online presence as well as in person? If anyone has seen good library web pages about the current situation in Southeast Asia, please send them along and I’ll link them here.

books, an annual index of – my entry

I read Amanda’s list and decided to make one of my own, slightly edited because I track my books a bit differently. Please note that unlike [what I assume about] Amanda, I have neither a full-time job nor much of a social life, leaving me much more time for bookish pursuits.

number of books read in 2004: 103
number of books read in 2003: 75
number of books read in 2002: 91
number of books read in 2001: 78
average read per month: 8.5
average read per week: 1.98
number read in worst month: 4 (July)
number read in best month: 15 (September)
percentage by male authors: 78
percentage by female authors: 22
fiction as percentage of total: 53
non-fiction as percentage of total: 47
percentage of total liked: 87
percentage of total ambivalent: 10
percentage of total disliked: 2