an outsider’s view of ALA

I know what do when I go to conferences, but what do you suppose non-ALAers think we do?

I never joined ALA, because even in 1966, it was beyond the pale for me, then a liberal Democrat. Soon they, or it, will be meeting in Orlando, Florida, world of fantasy and make believe, where librarians will meet to pretend that our society will some day pay them what they are worth if they make everyone else’s business their own.

save which libraries, and how? used to be the domain for the Save America’s Libraries campaign that now has this little page with a crap URL on the ALA site. Now there’s another site at that addresses some of the recent issues surrounding the San Francisco Public Library. I see the unlinked acronym RFID there, I’m interested to see where this goes.

hi – 23jun

Hi. I’m heading to the wedding this weekend instead of ALA and, as with every conference I miss, it seems like this one will be the conference to end all conferences. Next weekend I’ll be hosting an informal drop-in all-weekend BBQ up at my house in Central Vermont. Anyone who is anyplace nearby and would like to stop in and say hello, please consider yourself warmly invited.

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