Richard Clark to Speak at ALA – who would YOU like to see speaking

Due to a weekend wedding, I’m going to have to miss Richard Clarke speak at ALA. I will also, sadly, miss the Disney protest. won’t get there until Monday. Even though he’s technically on “our side” he supports the PATRIOT Act and is not one of the top 1000 people I think of when I hear the word “libraries.” On the other hand, I’m not sure who I would pick. TechnoBiblio wants to know who you would pick.
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hawai’i’s libraries

The Moon Book Club gets foreign language books to Hawai’i’s libraries. Meanwhile, the Hawai’ian library system has 108 staff vacancies.

The library, beset by a critical staffing shortage and other needs, has an annual budget of only $35,000 for buying books in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino and Vietnamese…. the principal difficulty in expanding the collection is cataloging, especially the Asian titles written in characters that must be romanized for the database. They also must be categorized correctly, and it’s sometimes hard to find resources to help librarians do that. [thanks brandon]