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Hi. It’s taken me a while to get back on track after travelling. I got some good feedback on my talk from various ALA members and others and am hoping to use it even more in the future. I have also been invited to give a talk on “Emerging Technologies” for a group called Librarians of the Upper Valley [aka LUV] which is the area I live in. I am planning to talk about “technologies” such as voice mail, email, and good signage in addition to more nouvelle tech such as IM, blogs and “ask a librarian” web site features.

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what’s being printed this year?

A book I read about books discussed the paper shortage [apocryphal?] that occurred in NYC when the latest Harry Potter book was being published. This led me to think of the paper situation given the first printing of 1.5 million copies of the 900 page My Life, Clinton’s memoirs. For more data on what is being printed this year, you can read Bowker’s statistical 2003 round up. I can’t tell if this press release is the statistical data they have released or of there’s a more fleshed-out report somewhere, anyone know?