hi – 27dec

Hi. Tom Robbins once dedicated a book “to all those whose letters I haven’t answered” and I am feeling the same way around here. I’ve been away for a few days doing holiday stuff with family and friends. I’ve been slackerly about posting some of the great links I’ve been getting from you all. I’ve been reading fewer of my feeds because my laptop is in the shop and I much prefer NetNewsWire to Feedster or Bloglines for my RSS fix. I’m focusing on getting my schedule straight for the upcoming ALA conference and getting some presentations together for some upcoming talks. I was so nervous about the talk I gave this month to the new librarians that I really prepared the heck out of the talk I gave, and I think the effort paid off well. Anyone who is going to be in Boston for ALA or who reads this and is just in Boston anyhow, please drop me a line.

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