extra staff hired to implement no pron policy

Add this to one of the hidden costs of filtering: additional staff to keep tabs on patrons. Phoenix AZ public library system has a “no pornography” policy and Internet users in the library have no option to have unfiltered access. Note the odd contruction in this sentence “The computers in Phoenix’s libraries now filter all Web sites that are classified as pornographic” Do you really think all porn web sites are filtered? Filtered by whom or what? And how? What about textual pornography? What does “objectionable for minors” mean anyhow? While I’m always happy to see more jobs available for librarians, it’s sad that they need to come this way. As a side note, we found that porn viewing and printing went down when we switched to a self-serve print server that patrons interact with. Formerly, circulation staff had had to hand printed pages directly to patrons and take their money and there was some speculation that this interaction with staff was part of the reason for the problematic porn printing.