hi – 13dec

Hi. I’m back at my house finally. I’ll be saving the big reunion with my boyfriend until he gets back from my place up North which has done some freezing during my absence. Last night I slept for 14 hours which I think was the first time I have ever done that without being sick, possibly ever. A lot has happened while I was away: blog ethics discussions, a neat blogging at ALA project [I’ll be doing my same old thing here, fyi, I think Steven has the project well-covered and there was talk of a “be nice” agreement that wasn’t my style], and my pals Dan and Jeremy are sending around a draft of a paper they’re working on called Service Autodiscovery for Rapid Information Movement [check it out, I swear it’s relevant]. I’ve been doing almost no blog reading or feed-checking in two weeks, so I’ll be getting up to speed slowly over the next few days.

update: apparently I literally interpreted what was supposed to be a figurative [and off the record] statement by Steven, damned IM and its lack of shaded nuance. The so-called “be nice” waiver that he mentioned people would have to sign was more about preventing libel and less about content restrictions and doesn’t exist yet in any case. My main interest at this point is working on an aggregator that will collate all the posts from any and all ALA attendees or interested parties who are blogging at the event or from home, sort of like how the DNC blog worked. IM or email me if you want to chat more about any of this.

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