a few from OCLC

OCLC has really been doing some outreach. First off, remember that they have a blog. Second of all, they have managed to work out a co-branded Yahoo toolbar with a worldcat search embedded in it. I’d send you to the OCLC link but it’s an annoying requesting-all-your-personal-info page, so I’ll just link to Gary Price’s comments and links about it. Lastly, and my favorite, they’ve got some top titles lists. Top ten, top 1000, top 1000 with all the cover art [giant page].

Maybe someone could give me some data, what level of markeet penetration does OCLC have? When they say “top 1000 titles owned by libraries” what is the difference between saying that and “top 1000 titles owned by OCLC libraries”? According to their site, they have 52,000 libraries worldwide [9134 outside the US], and according to the ALA, there are at least twice that many libraries in the US alone. The nearest “OCLC library” to me that has the #2 book, the Bible, is 40 miles from here. From there, I also found Project Gutenberg’s Top 100 lists which tells a different story, somewhat.