Every state library association website

We’re working on some stuff at VLA that has necessitated looking at other state library association websites. I have found them maddening to track down. Here is a list I have created from this Wikipedia list and this ALA list (which has additional information). Something incorrect? Let me know!

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  1. 13Oct18 at 6:12

    I admire your tenacity! I’ve been working on a project about library governance/funding models in the U.S. which has necessitated me visiting every state library website east of the Mississippi and getting very frustrated at their lack of information.

  2. 13Oct18 at 8:22

    Nebraska is NE not NB. (Thought you’d left us out at first. ;-)

  3. 14Oct18 at 10:06

    Michael, thank you. How did I do that, I have even been there!

  4. Dan Kleinman
    15Oct18 at 11:16

    A Twitter handle list would be terrific too. Facebook, Instagram, etc. Perhaps if @ALALibrary could create a curated list of these handles to which others could subscribe, that would be golden. A list for state libraries too. Maybe states and libraries within those states? Etc. I tried to do it but a number of the above block me (funny, as you do!).

  5. Liz C
    20Oct18 at 9:48

    I think your link for MLA (MI) is its previous address. It’s currently at https://www.milibraries.org/

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