hi – 18apr

Hi. Today officially kicks off National Library Week. I don’t know about you, but where I live libraries are closed on Sundays, as are most liquor stores and about 90% of everything else that isn’t church. I had a crazy weekend in a good way. Gave two talks [or one talk twice] met some excellent librarians and library students and went to BloggerCon. Jessica has a few good notes. I had a good time there & learned some things, but felt overwhlemed trying to have a “conversation” with 30-40 people in the room, even though I fend for myself okay in such situations. More fun was lunch with some folks afterwards where we rehashed and debriefed about how we felt about the session, and blogs in general. Most fun was meeting all the excited happy Simmons students, friends, professors and others who came up and said hi before and after my talks. It’s great to see people so enthusiastic about the profession, and good to have some good things to say to them.

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