sirsi corporation typos – yes I am a total adolescent

This may be the only time I link to a puff piece about the Laura Bush, but it was too good to ignore. Sirsi, the vendor that many of us use for our OPAC services at our libraries has managed to get not one, but two egregious typos in an article about the First Lady… or should I say the Fist Lady? Maybe they’ve just got a Democract doing data entry? As my friend Michael says “there are no such things as hunting accidents” in Vermont, does anyone really accidentally type “pubic library”? Apparently the “fist lady” appelation is not that tough to come by, neither is “pubic library“.

” I think everybody loves Barbara, and still loves Barbara Bush. She was a terrific fist lady”
“Offering her own philosophy on living, the woman who was called Fist Lady to the World leads readers on a path to confidence, education, maturity, and more.”
“Lucy Hayes was the first Fist Lady to have graduated from college.” [thanks owen]