speaking of ALA, did I miss the one year web site anniversary?

The ALA web site is one year old. Karen Schneider has some okay things to say about where she hopes the site is going. From a councilor’s perspective, I can see where progress is being made. From a user perspective what I see is not all that different from what I saw a year ago. A search engine that barely works, pages and formatting that appear and disappear without warning [anyone seen the Member and Customer Service Center lately? all I see is a login box], lack of responsiveness to member email, and an overall sense that no one in charge really “gets” the web. Smaller insults include a really hard-to-use navigational structure, “shorter” URLs that aren’t, and clunky design accentuated with ad hoc elements that seem to exist for proof-of-concept rather than to be functioning parts of an overall web site. On the bright side, I thought the online elections went pretty well. Then again, I got a paper ballot.
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