that’s one good use librarians have for facebook

As you know, Vermont was hit hard by Hurricane Irene and a lot of resultant flooding. I am fine and my house is fine. I’m not sure what the library damage assessment is at this point but I’ve been hanging close to the Vermont Flooding facebook page and doing some “on the fly” reference with some of the local information I have access to. I came across this post on the Roxbury Free Library’s facebook page and smiled. I hope she gets a ride.

2 thoughts on “that’s one good use librarians have for facebook

  1. Hi Jessamyn

    The August 30 Library Journal has a roundup of library damage in New England and Mid Atlantic states. One Vermont library lost 60 percent of its collection.

    For the whole story:

  2. You (and the effects on libraries) were my first thought upon hearing about the storm in Vermont. Glad you’re doing well; not surprised,however.

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